Female Embodiment Coaching



Your body is your inner compas.

Embodiment is a body-based coaching. Unlike other types of coaching, this modality does not try to solve problems using only our “head”, it does not force the client to go somewhere they are not ready to go. This is also why the motto of the embodiment coaching is:

Depth first, direction second.

In order to live in alignment, to fulfill our dreams, to find out what we truly want… at first, we have to look inside ourselves. There are many unprocessed frozen tension, emotions and blocks stored in our body, and until we acknowledge and process them, we often stay stuck in place, even if we really desire the change.

Embodiment coaching is almost a magical tool, thanks to which we can feel, move and dissolve these blocks and frozen tensions in the body. We can thus connect to the wisdom of our body and listen to the whispers of our intuition. And ultimatelly,  we can see more clearly what we really want, how we want to live, and what steps we should take to achieve our goals and dreams.

Deep Dive

3 monts personalized 1:1
Signature Coaching Program

  • you get to know yourself better
  • you will learn how to listen to your body and your inner intuition
  • you will learn how to make decisions that will be in complete alignment with you
  • you will get rid of all that prevent you from living fully (limiting beliefs and dysfunctional patterns)
  • and you will set a clear and achievable vision for yourself that lives in complete alignment, truth and authenticity


    Lisa Caillet

    I’ve greatly benefited from Jana’s coaching sessions. I’ve appreciated the safe space she’s created for me and I’ve come out of each session with a great and deep insight. I also like that she’s helped me to see how to implement those insights into my daily life – so that it doesn’t stay a one time “aha moment” but also brings lasting changes in my life. For me, Jana brings a lot of care to her clients and I appreciate her wisdom and the quality of her questions and guidance. I also find that she has a very welcoming and non judgmental energy that has helped me to bring a new light to the struggles I’ve brought to the coaching space without feeling bad for anything I was feeling or experiencing. I’m happy I’ve found her!

    Katarina Piscova

    Coaching with Jana exceeded my expectations.  Jana always created and held an imaginary safe space full of acceptance and empathy for me, while gently and patiently guiding me with questions to come to my own realizations and solutions in accordance with my body and coming from within.

    I highly recommend Jana as a coach, it’s a wonderful feeling when someone allows you to see and feel your flaws and shadows without feeling ashamed, in full acceptance and with the feeling that it’s okay.

    Jana’s calm, balanced and encouraging approach will help you look your shadow straight in the eye, go deeper, go under the surface, but at the same time she won’t let you hang around there for too long, but pulls you back to the light…to find yourself and your answers.


    Sessions with Jana were amazingly insightful for me. I was able to get to the heart of many personal and professional challenges, working on my money mindset and balancing productivity and rest in my new business. Jana has a very restful and calm coaching style. She listens deeply and mirrors what I need to see.
    When I entered the sessions, I was not sure how far I would get because I was working on big underlying patterns. And Jana created the space to welcome all parts of myself, and to reveal and work through hidden blocks, with compassion and gentleness. This was precisely what I needed to move forward. I would highly recommend Jana if you are looking for a calm, insightful coach who will hold the space for you and ask powerful questions to move towards your goals.

    Benefits of Embodiment Coaching

    You too can live in alignment

    with your body and your soul!