About me

Hi, I am Jana Boor!

Certified Female Embodiment Coach*
& Women’s Transformation Guide

My purpose is to help women
» to connect with their inner intuition & inner self
» to make embodied decions
» to make resonant & sustainable life changes
» and ultimately, to live autentically & in complete alignment

* I graduated at the the School of Embodied Arts, founded by Jenna Ward.

I guide women in the process of inner transformation – when one part of our self dies so that our new SELF can be born. When we find ourselves in total chaos and the only thing that is certain is that we don’t want to live like this anymore.

In order to find out what we really desire and where we want to go in life; to allow ourselves to really shine and open up to life fully, we need to tune into our inner self and accept ourselves.

Accepting yourself as a whole is the key: accepting the whole range of emotions, even the negative ones, accepting yourself, here and now, as you are.
Don’t expect any “spiritual bypassing” from me – we must first accept with kindness and compassion what is, only then can we move forward.

In Human Design, I am a Reflector – so I can accept you in complete integrity, provide you with a supportive and understanding space for everything you are going through in your life, and help you activate your highest potential.

My story
(for those who love to read)

Before I became a transformational guide for women, I worked in a state agency, where I organized business missions for entrepreneurs. I loved my job, but then I became a mom and nothing was the same. I returned to work for a while, but I knew that this is no longer my path.

My transformation into a mother wasdifficult and not perfect at all, and it started my further journey of self-development, courses and self-discovery. I became a Mama Rising coach, started raising awareness of matrescence and accompanying women in their transformation into mothers.

A lot has changed since then, I am constantly learning and going through other personal and business transformations.

When I discovered the Female Embodiment Coach specialty, I knew it was a powerful tool, another piece of the puzzle for my life. This kind of coaching is in absolute harmony with me.

For me, embodiment is not only a tool to tune in more to your inner self, your needs and your truth, it is also a lifestyle. Thanks to the techniques and teaching of embodiment, I can live more authentically and in complete harmony with myself. 

The slogan of embodiment coaching is:

Depth first, direction second! 

In order to live in alignment, to fulfill our dreams, to find out what we truly want… at first, we have to look inside ourselves. There are many unprocessed frozen tension, emotions and blocks stored in our body, and until we acknowledge and process them, we often stay stuck in place, even if we really desire the change.

Embodiment coaching is almost a magical tool, thanks to which we can feel, move and dissolve these blocks and frozen tensions in the body.
We can thus connect to the wisdom of our body and listen to the whispers of our intuition. And ultimatelly,  we can see more clearly what we really want, how we want to live, and what steps we should take to achieve our goals and dreams.

Embodiment Coaching
allows you to:

✩ connect with your deeply stored blocks and unprocessed emotions
✩ connect to your inner intuition
✩ get important insights and messages from your subconscious
✩ make decisions in absolute alignment with yourself
✩ find solutions to your current problems that will not come from your “head”

Interesting facts about me:

I am an Aries in the zodiac sign, a Dragon in the Chinese horoscope,
and a Reflector in Human Design
✾ I studied international relations at the University of Economics in Bratislava
✾ I studied in Mexico City for half a year
✾ I love traveling and I speak several foreign languages
✾ I had a wedding at Mauritius
✾ My family and I lived in Spain for 7 months in 2022/2023
✾ I have 3 tattoos
✾ I (also) love hard music and my husband and I go to the rock festival Nova Rock every year
✾ I have 2 children and a cat named Loki