Jana is a sensitive, warm and empathetic feminine embodiment coach. She coached me on various topics and demonstrated great skill with each of the issues I was facing each time we met. During one session in particular, I was feeling anxious and flustered in relation to a certain relationship dynamic I was experiencing. Jana held space for my difficult emotions which allowed me to feel safe, seen and heard. Incredibly, she helped me to identify a pattern I had been repeating for over 20 years that I didn’t realise I’d been repeating in the first place! To have this pattern illuminated was, of course, so liberating! It helped me to see things with greater clarity, to feel less anxious and to move forward in the dynamic in a more embodied way. Jana did this by asking insightful, powerful questions which are the qualities of a naturally gifted coach – with Jana absolutely is. 

Isabel Krutik

IG: bellakcoaching

I’ve greatly benefited from Jana’s coaching sessions. I’ve appreciated the safe space she’s created for me and I’ve come out of each session with a great and deep insight. I also like that she’s helped me to see how to implement those insights into my daily life – so that it doesn’t stay a one time “aha moment” but also brings lasting changes in my life. For me, Jana brings a lot of care to her clients and I appreciate her wisdom and the quality of her questions and guidance. I also find that she has a very welcoming and non judgmental energy that has helped me to bring a new light to the struggles I’ve brought to the coaching space without feeling bad for anything I was feeling or experiencing. I’m happy I’ve found her!

Lisa Caillet


Sessions with Jana were amazingly insightful for me. I was able to get to the heart of many personal and professional challenges, working on my money mindset and balancing productivity and rest in my new business. Jana has a very restful and calm coaching style. She listens deeply and mirrors what I need to see.
When I entered the sessions, I was not sure how far I would get because I was working on big underlying patterns. And Jana created the space to welcome all parts of myself, and to reveal and work through hidden blocks, with compassion and gentleness. This was precisely what I needed to move forward. I would highly recommend Jana if you are looking for a calm, insightful coach who will hold the space for you and ask powerful questions to move towards your goals.

I had the opportunity to try a very deep and for me beneficial long-term coaching, which really revealed many hidden shadows inside me. What I thought at first was the source of my problems turned out to be the result of other, more hidden and inner feelings.

Thanks to Jana, her very considerate and respectful approach, I discovered a lot and started to work more on myself. I really liked this type of coaching, especially the guided visualizations that helped me basically right away. My feelings were very much reflected in my body, and this realization was a big “aha” moment for me. I felt relief immediately during this inner work.

Jana, thank you very much for your meaningful work, beautiful leadership and friendly approach. Thanks to you, I realized a lot. I recommend it to everyone else, because not only does this type of coaching help, but I also had a lot of fun, and although I know that there is still a lot of work ahead of me, with Jana by my side, I know that I will not be alone. Thank you.

Lenka Štedrová Drdácká


Our body knows. Only we don’t always know how to listen to him, or we don’t pay attention to him. Through Janka’s kind guidance, we tune in to our body and its wisdom. And thanks to Janka’s questions, I put my perceptions into words, which also helped me sort and interpret them. What also pleased me was that Janka then sent me notes from our coaching, which I can return to at any time to remind myself of my realizations.

I appreciate Jana’s personal and kind approach and her authenticity – she has tried it on herself many times and likes to use embodiment herself in her everyday life. And am becoming more and more aware of the advice of my body, it’s a big help in everyday life.

Thank you for for this experience!

Barbora Kaľavská

I would like to express my great satisfaction with the package of four sessions of embodiment coaching with Jana. We mainly worked on two topics: deciding on a professional direction and the relationship with my son.

Jana has a very pleasant energy that gave me a sense of security and trust from the beginning. Her embodiment coaching approach suited me, I especially appreciate her subtlety, which allowed me to connect with various experiences and emotions from the past. Thanks to this work, I became more aware of how I want to feel in the present and how I can support these feelings in challenging situations in the future as well.

I am also very satisfied with Jana as a coach and with her session records. I think the session package has a great potential to make lasting positive changes in a client’s life. I myself feel lighter and calmer, and this effect persists even a month after the end of the collaboration. I thank Jana for her professional and empathetic approach. I’m looking forward to seeing how my next steps will evolve from this experience.

Stanka Tichá

I am very grateful for the embodiment coaching that I received from Jana. It is a different way of coaching which gave me the chance to really align with the truth that my body holds and not only to follow my mind. I would recommend this type of self development to every woman. 

Maria Lukanowa

IG: @marialukanowa

Thank you very much for the coaching session. I greatly appreciated the kindness with which you guided me, a safe space in which everything happened smoothly and where I gained new and essential realizations for me; personal development and self-knowledge are nothing new to me, but I did not expect these realizations at all. Feminine embodiment coaching is an amazing tool – thanks to it I touched new depths, effectively, but all in subtlety.

Lenka Zajacová


Jana has a grounded presence that is both insightful and supportive. If you’re seeking a Feminine Embodiment Coach to help support you in stepping more fully into your authentic self, I’d highly recommend working with Jana.

Jenna Ward

zakladateľka School of Embodied Arts, schoolofembodiedarts.com

Jana is authentically loving and supportive, encouraging, non-judgemental, steady and trustworthy.

I felt like a veil of shame and fear were covering me before the session. During the session, I was able to sink deeper and deeper into myself, my emotional body and meet old demons rather than run from them. I couldn’t have done this without Jana’s loving encouragement and mirroring. With the support of Jana I was able to give myself a new experience of vulnerability, being seen and feeling love for myself as I am. Truly remarkable. Since then, I have felt an alleviation of a particular sorrow I used to carry around and identify with – I am finally processing that sorrow. I can imagine what it will feel like to be without that sorrow and feel more love.

In all honesty, the session felt a bit miraculous. It felt like being able to go back in time, or to locate a place in my body where hurt and a belief system have been accumulating, running the show – and give myself a healing, new experience that I could feel and believe in as a new belief system. This session allowed my body to lovingly give myself the experience or mirror I needed to heal an inner wound. The lesson was –  it can feel another way to be the authentic me – more loved and loving, warmer, received, listened to, more gentle, not ashamed.

I don’t think I believed this was possible because I have had so many experiences of rejection, abandonment, having to be strong and defended, and putting others first. I’m not sure I have had many experiences of being vulnerable, intimate and open like that.

This feels like a new level of love/loving to be honest.

Deborah Monaghan

Coaching with Jana exceeded my expectations. It wasn’t just coaching in which someone listens to me, guides, directs, helps me move forward, it was coaching where I learned and was able to tune in to my body, listen to how it feels and what it really needs. It was a coaching full of acceptance, a sense of security and permission not only to be aware of my various feelings, but also to freely feel them in my body and accept them.

Jana always created and held an imaginary safe space full of acceptance and empathy for me, while gently and patiently guiding me with questions to come to my own realizations and solutions in accordance with my body and coming from within.

I also really appreciate Jana’s summaries of the sessions, reminding me of my fundamental realizations, enriched by Janka’s observations and recommendations. I also find video recordings of the sessions useful, which I can return to and experience everything over and over again. It is an invaluable help in integrating the experience and incorporating awareness into everyday life.

I highly recommend Jana as a coach, it’s a wonderful feeling when someone allows you to see and feel your flaws and shadows without feeling ashamed, in full acceptance and with the feeling that it’s okay.

Jana’s calm, balanced and encouraging approach will help you look your shadow straight in the eye, go deeper, go under the surface, but at the same time she won’t let you hang around there for too long, but pulls you back to the light…to find yourself and your answers.

Katarina Piscova

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