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The information presented in this page is provided in good faith. Search and WinRAR Cracker 2010.epub. Introduction A very small city of Pakistan called Lahore, called the Largest City of Pakistan, said to be the city of lakes. Largest city of Pakistan has a population of almost 13 million and it is located on the banks of the River Ravi. To top this city of Pakistan, Lahore also, said to be the commercial capital of Pakistan. The city of Pakistan was founded in 1190 by Babur and is located in Punjab, Pakistan. Lahore has the most famous historical shrines of Islamic world: The Badshahi Mosque and the Shrine of Baba-e-Raza Pir. The shrine of Shaikh Salar Masood is the most popular shrine of the city of Pakistan. The city of Pakistan is the largest city of Punjab and Punjab is the largest province of Pakistan. History The city of Pakistan was founded on 1140 AD by Babur who was a ruler of the Moghul Dynasty in Central Asia. The first Moghul Emperor was Babur who also founded the city of Pakistan. The first Muslim Emperor of Pakistan was Aurangzeb who founded the dynasty of the Moghuls. Moghuls are the rulers of Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, North-West Frontier Province, Jammu, Kashmir and a small part of Sindh. It has been estimated that by the year 1740 almost 75% of all the population of South Asia had been Moghul. Many Moghuls served as generals under the British Empire. It was the British Empire who finally captured the capital of Pakistan Lahore from the Moghuls in 1849. After a couple of decades the British established a Dominion called British India. The British Indian Empire had become large and powerful, the Moghuls were now the most important people in this empire. The Indian Prince, the Nawab of the Punjab was given the title of the Prime Minister of the Moghul Empire. The British Indian Empire had been ruled by the British Empire since 1857. The first war between British Empire and Moghuls started in the year 1848. This war lasted for a couple of years and Moghuls were eventually beaten. After this war the Moghuls were forced to sign the treaty of Amritsar with the British Empire. The British then decided to make the Moghuls puppet rulers. After the treaty of




Crack Osenxpsuite 2010.epub

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